New Year

It’s getting close to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Looking back on the work I’ve done this year I can see a big improvement over my previous work. And the past couple of months have been some of the best of it. I’m pretty happy I must admit.

Just at the moment I’m revisiting the ZBrush tutorials by Madeline Scott Spencer. I picked up a lot of clues from Nate Stephens, and will no doubt spend some more time on his tutorials later. I want to make sure I’m totally up to speed before the workshop starts, and I think Madeline’s tutes are more comprehensive, more aimed at beginners.

I need to produce more complex work. The only piece that has taken more than a day is the one I did for Scott Brisbane’s workshop. Well, I probably spent more than a day on some of the photogrammetry pieces too, but everything I’ve initiated has been a quick and simple job. And it shows. In 2017 I need to take my work more seriously.

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