ZBrush can create normal maps apparently, but the process is far from intuitive and I remember Jonathan (Photogrammetry tutor) mention flipped this and flipped that. So, best I stick to what I know.

  • create model in Blender and unwrap
  • export as obj
  • import into ZBrush, duplicate, work on high-poly version, export as obj
  • use xNormal to bake normal map from high to low
  • import low-poly into Vue (and save as vob).

Using the ZBrush to Blender or Vue bridge is all very well, but looks like I’m going to need the objs anyway for normal mapping. I could do the normal mapping in Blender, and use GoB, but I still need an obj to import into Vue. Perhaps one day I’ll work out how to normal map in ZBrush, but I won’t hold my breath.

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