I’m doing a tutorial by Nate Stephens, mostly using ZBrush for environment creation. I managed to get GoZ working (or GoB as it’s generally called when transferring to Blender). Took a while to set it up properly, and I had to reinstall ZBrush because some needed files were missing. Still, it saves a lot of hassle exporting and importing objs into both apps. Model in Blender, press a button and it opens in Zbrush. Do some sculpting, push a button and the updated model appears back in Blender. Magic.

So here I’ve been distressing the edges of a stone slab, aka cuboid. I’m linking to the cube so there’s only one model to work on for all four slabs along the top. Nate is a game artist so tends to work efficiently.

I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with ZBrush at last. Every piece that falls into place makes it easier for the next piece to fit in. Troubleshooting problems is becoming easier too. Hope it stands me in good stead when the workshop starts, if I decide to go ahead with it.

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