Standing Stone


Working the pipeline here. I spent time painting a concept, very rough but enough to indicate composition, and then translated that into a scene in Vue. Breaking the process down into two distinct phases seems to work better than going straight to the 3D app.

I’m working through a tutorial series by Maciej Kuciara, who worked on The Last of Us, a favourite ‘show’ of mine. A lot of it I know already but I’m picking up a few ideas and, more importantly, an approach to this kind of work. Basically that concept art is not meant to look good, but to be useful to other artists, such as level designers and modellers and such, to help them understand what they should be building. Aaron Limonick said something similar in a show I watched on how Naughty Dog made LTOU. So, I don’t feel I need to be a good 2D artist, just good enough to get some ideas across.

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