I’m in need of a concept artist. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with what to create. Concept artists get the ball rolling. So what to do? Well, I guess it’s better to have a lousy concept artist than none at all, so I’m having a go at becoming my own concept artist. Brushing up, so to speak, on my 2D skills. I’m hopeless at that kind of stuff, but better something than nothing, hey.

Some time ago I had Manga Studio on my computer, but it got lost somewhere in the crashes and upgrades. For no obvious reason I’ve decided to have another go at it. Well, mainly because the instructor in a course I just signed up for on Udemy uses it. I’m not sure it has much to offer that Corel Painter doesn’t have, but at least it was pretty cheap. So looks like I’ll be scribbling away for a while instead of pushing verts.

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