Trouble in the Kitchen

PTGui set up, loaded up the 150 images, worked smoothly until… I’m using autobracket on my K5, set to Aperture Priority, so it changes the shutter speed only for the exposure bracket. However, that’s an auto-exposure mode, so if the light changes the actual range of shutter speeds will vary from one bracket to another. If I use Manual, it changes both aperture and speed to get the exposure change, and I can’t control that. This variation is shutter speed range is apparently enough to upset PTGui. I did shoot late in the day and the light probably changed a fair bit from start to finish.

So, either I need to not use auto-bracket, or hope that the light doesn’t change. Shooting in consistent light is probably necessary for a decent result anyway. The pano head should actually facilitate this as once the angle is set it just clicks around to the next position fairly quickly. I’m sure it would take a lot longer to do if I was using more primitive methods.

I was a bit bemused reading comments on a Pentax forum about settings for HDRIs. A couple of people commented that the dynamic range of the K5 is plenty and what need can there possibly be for exposure bracketing. I guess none of them even know about, let alone actually do, Image Based Lighting in a 3D rendering application.

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