Object Graph

In Vue I can constrain the transform of an object, including a camera, to some other object with the Object Graph. And in Blender, although I can’t export a camera, I can make any object the active camera.

So, process is

  1. Create object of interest in Blender
  2. Create cube and make active camera
  3. Make sure its local z axis point away from the camera view
  4. Hide visibility
  5. Set up as camera
  6. Invert the local z axis (because in Vue that will be positive, not negative)
  7. Export both subject and camera (cube) as collada
  8. In Vue, constrain the camera to the imported camera cube (position and orientation)
  9. Hide camera cube from render

This way I don’t have to write down the transform details of the camera in Blender and then copy them to the camera in Vue. Pity that Blender renders along -Z and Vue renders along +Z, but I guess that’s easily dealt with.

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