I spent some time this morning modelling the bridge. It took a bit longer than I expected. I guess I just haven’t done much regular modelling lately. Anyway, I’ve slapped on some basic texture and here it is.

At the rate I’m going this will take me a month at least, and possibly ’til the end of the year. It just depends on how good a job I decide to do. I guess that’s why it’s important to pick an appealing scene, so one doesn’t lose motivation.

I’m making an effort not to post WIPs to every forum under the sun. I doubt that anyone wants to see the image above, and I can’t imaging what advice or critique could possibly be helpful. So, just post to this blog, for the record. It would be nice if I knew someone who might actually be interested though, another CG artist just to chat with. Unfortunately no one on the forums actually wants to chat, and no one I know in real life has any interest in Computer Graphics. I could attend some meetings of the local Blender group, but they’re really only interested in Blender. And they meet just about every other month. It’s a bit of a lonely road really.

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