Playing around with the lighting. Also spent some time modelling the bank of the river, just to give it some irregularity. Making some progress.

I bought a Spyder 5 Express today to check my monitor. It’s been doing some strange things and I must admit to suffering great confusion about proper gamma setings, especially if I want to use Linear Workflow, although I’m not sure that I do want to do that. Anyway, seems my monitor was already pretty close to what it should be. The calibration warmed it up somewhat. I must admit that the colours in Witcher are a lot better though, seems to have more contrast.

I was having some issues with the Main Camera display in Vue, pretty blown out most of the time. However I solved that by turning the setting down in the Vue options and it’s been much better since. I’m sure it worked well for a while on the higher setting for a while.

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