Diamond Plate


I think this is called diamond plate metal. Continuing with Substance Designer tutorials, getting the hang of it all. Quite like it really. I’ve come to the conclusion that texturing is the part of 3D graphics that I like the most. I really enjoyed Leigh’s workshop on Environment Texturing, and the recent one on Photogrammetry had a significant texturing component.

I’ve been thinking about what one person can achieve. I find game art, especially environments, really interesting. At the moment I’m replaying the original Witcher, more to have a good look at the environments than for the gameplay. The models and textures are all fairly low-res, but creating all the models and all the textures would still have taken a team quite a while. So, how to optimize my work to get the best possible results?

I’m thinking that creating a small library of very reusable high-poly assets, with good textures, is the way to go. This could be used in creating a lot of very similar scenes, or at least scenes in a single environment, so that the modelling and texturing produces the maximum number of good images.

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