Diamond Plate


I think this is called diamond plate metal. Continuing with Substance Designer tutorials, getting the hang of it all. Quite like it really. I’ve come to the conclusion that texturing is the part of 3D graphics that I like the most. I really enjoyed Leigh’s workshop on Environment Texturing, and the recent one on Photogrammetry had a significant texturing component.

I’ve been thinking about what one person can achieve. I find game art, especially environments, really interesting. At the moment I’m replaying the original Witcher, more to have a good look at the environments than for the gameplay. The models and textures are all fairly low-res, but creating all the models and all the textures would still have taken a team quite a while. So, how to optimize my work to get the best possible results?

I’m thinking that creating a small library of very reusable high-poly assets, with good textures, is the way to go. This could be used in creating a lot of very similar scenes, or at least scenes in a single environment, so that the modelling and texturing produces the maximum number of good images.



Tiles, sculpted in ZBrush (although you can hardly tell that) with some basic texture maps, and then maps worked over in Substance Designer. Starting to get the hang of that application. Cube modelled and UV’d in Blender.

No End in Sight

Seems that however much I learn there is always something else I need to know to achieve what I want. At the moment I’m wondering how to deal with the fact that most game environments (the ones that look interesting) have an enormous amount of detail. Seems beyond my ability to model that much.

So I’m exploring modular design, which is used a lot in games I know. More work up front I guess but pays off in reuse. I need enough reusable assets to attain critical mass, and I’m not there yet. I should review all the assets I’ve created over the years and make sure they’re easily accessible.

I really need to get my head around Substance Designer and Substance Painter too. I might have found a good tutorial for the former on one of the sites I seem to be paying subscriptions to. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Back to Basics


While looking for inspiration, I’m impressed with the amazing detailed modelling of most environment scenes. Lots of it is just plain old-fashioned poly-modelling, perhaps with sculpting enhancements, so I’ve decided to work on building up my asset collection by modelling lots of potentially useful stuff. Pretty much where I started with 3D about eight years ago.

Back to Vue


Marmoset Toolbag has proved disappointing for this project. No help available on CGSociety forums or anywhere else, and it has totally inadequate documentation. So, back to Vue. I’ve ditched the IBL, and this is just using Photometric Lighting and a few daylight portals. I think it’s getting fairly close to the mood I’m after.