Details, Details,…


So I spent some time on the wood texture, mostly on getting a decent normal map. I had to create a bump map from the wood pic and convert to normal in xNormal. Same for the wall, trying to make the cracks look real without going overboard on the rest of the surface. Good thing I’m pretty experienced with adjustment layers in Photoshop.

I wanted to upload to Cornucopia but my first versions didn’t involve Vue at all. However having rendered an HDRI panorama for my rooster image I decided to use that here for the IBL. You’d hardly know it though, as all it has done is provide some pretty even ambient lighting. Still, I could claim that Vue was involved in the making of this image.

I’m really, really happy with this. I think it’s my best CG pic to date. And the workflow was very technical and demanding. I think the composition isn’t too bad either. Largely inspired by the work of Steve Parkinson on Cornucopia – he does a lot of still life type work, although generally a bit ‘cleaner’ in look than this. The slight grunge is part of my style I think. For instance, the chip in the eyebrow. Probably wouldn’t find that in a ‘properly’ modelled object.

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