Busy Day


Up early-ish again, and off to Officeworks for a glue gun, for sticking small objects to posts for photography purposes. On the way I stopped to photograph part of the museum – a nicely detailed rough stone base to the wall. Then to Michael’s Camera House to pick up a couple of needed items and some not so needed items, and then back home via the Old Melbourne Gaol to shoot some more facades.

After processing some of the facades I went shopping for some small decorative items, and picked up a rather nice brass candlestick shaped like a lotus flower from the Tibetan shop down Johnstone St, which I’ve been meaning to visit for some time. Also an owl from another shop.

And then home to try out my new dulling spray. Sadly it appeared to have no effect on the gloss on the owl, nor on my duck which I’ve been trying for some time to get a good model of. Anyway, I persisted with the duck, managed to cut down some shine with the polarizing filter, and Photoscan is processing the images now. Plans to take a while though. Doesn’t look as though it will be done before midnight, so I might just leave it to finish overnight. The image above is pretty rough but then it is the sparse point cloud, so hoping for a decent result. This weeks tutorial is on how to clean these things up in ZBrush, so I might be in for a bit of that.

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