Out and About

My online workshop is getting me out and about a lot more than usual. This morning I was out before 7am with my camera gear to shoot some stone walls in the Carlton Gardens before work, and more importantly before the sun got up.

It was a bit cold out, about 5 degrees I think, but I was pretty focussed on what I was about. Shooting in dim light with the 654D required a monopod. Even at ISO400 and f/5.6 the shutter speed was pretty slow, even for an underexposed shot. Hope it doesn’t get too noisy when I boost the exposure in ACR.

So when I get home from work I’ll feed the images to Photoscan and see what I got. These stone walls were pretty low, just retaining walls actually, and it would be nice to find some more substantial ones somewhere. Maybe St Kilda would be the place to go. As the title says – out and about.

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