Frustrations of a Photogrammetrist


I’ve been waiting for my ring light to arrive from Digital Camera Warehouse to shoot this, and it came today. Well, yesterday actually, but I got to the Post Office to collect it today. So, attach it to my lens. Um, no. My best lens has an inbuilt lens hood, non-detachable, and the adapter won’t fit. So, find another lens. Seems that most of my lenses are 49mm aperture and the smallest adapter ring that comes with the light is 52mm, except for one extremely small on about 40mm.

After hunting around amongst some bags of old gear I found an old 28mm lens with a 52mm aperture, so that had to do. I played around with it for a while, searched online to find out how to actually get the shutter to fire with an old Pentax K lens on board, and finally managed to get my shots. The light might take some getting used to. Being so close to the subject small changes of distance have a big effect on exposure. Still, Photoscan is working on it now. I guess I’ll have a result in a few hours.

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