Wire Work for Armadillos


Shooting rig for my armadillo. Of course there was a slight breeze so he kept swaying gently, but I managed to shoot fast enough to counter that. The legs came out better than before, but Photoscan really doesn’t like black. The tip of the tail hasn’t come out right either time, not sure why that is. Must make a point of doing lots of extra pics for that kind of detail in future.



Spent the morning working on this little guy – purchased in Mexico. Challenge was to get a complete model. I ended up with a few holes, mostly in the back legs, but then black things are very hard to get right with this technique. Shiny black things are even harder, but at least he wasn’t too shiny.

GIS for Dummies


For a while I’ve been looking at GIS data as a way of creating environments. Vue can import a DEM file and create a terrain directly, or else use a grayscale image as a heightmap.

Various governments, including the Australian government through Geoscience Australia, makes mapping data available over the web, but getting it into a format that Vue can use is a problem. Trouble is I don’t know enough about the area to know what file formats and mapping formats I should be getting, nor how to convert it all to a usable form.

So, I figured there must be GIS for Dummies, and there is, and it’s available for Kindle, so perhaps I can get my head around the possibilities well enough. I have already purchased some software and got some kind of result, but I’m sure I can do better with a little knowledge of the subject.

Turned Out Well


This tree had some great detail in the trunk, and I managed to capture quite a lot of it. Not sure what the tree is – it might be a bald cypress, apparently there are a few of those in the Carlton Gardens. It was some kind of conifer anyway.

So I’m using 8k textures for these. Photoscan doesn’t make very efficient use of texture space, so I have to go for the big size to get the detail I want. Apparently later in the workshop we’ll be looking at bump mapping. I can’t really see that I need it as all the details are in the model, but the workshop does have a game art focus so I suppose he’ll be baking normal maps to use for lower poly models. For me it doesn’t really matter how high poly the models are.

Plane Tree


Another tree, this one from the Carlton Gardens. I’m getting the hang of working with models in Marmoset Toolbag, so that’s reducing the frustration. By the end of the year I should be producing some decent images. I’m really enjoying the process, and I’m getting more exercise getting out with my camera.

The tree is not intended to fit into this landscape, which is just an HDRI that I’ve chosen in Marmoset Toolbag for lighting.



Here’s my first homework exercise. Used my cake decorating stand for the first time (turntable). I took a double row of images this time, one higher and one lower, to cover the whole object. Seems to have produced a decent result. Took a while though, about 5 hours.